Dear Crabby, Why Don’t People Clear Their Cars in the Winter?

Dear Crabby,
My winter pet peeve is people who refuse to clean the snow from their vehicles after a snowstorm. Have you ever been avalanched when the snow on the roof of the vehicle in front of you suddenly shifts and slams onto your windshield???? Is there some kind of snow collecting contest I don’t know about???
Snow Angel
Dear Snow Angel,
Yes, I too have been behind “that guy” once or twice in my life.  I think the best invention was the garage, but I know that even when you have a two car garage you seldom can manage to get even one car in there.  For years I had my vehicle out in the elements, while the missus had the luxury of keeping hers in the garage.  All the snow would pile up on my car and I could barely see my vehicle beneath it.  I was always worried about the snow removal crew nailing my car with their plow while it was buried under three feet of snow.  Kind of reminded me of a joke about our friends down south: every time they mowed their lawn, they found a couple more cars! Oh well, I know it was always a battle to get that snow off.  I can remember using those ice scrapers and knocking off radio antennas and slicing off windshield wipers that were iced to the glass.  I tried to remember to stick my wipers upright on nights when it was to snow, but I usually forgot!  Then there was the time I got a brand new car the day before an ice storm.  The dealer was nice enough to power wash the whole thing for me before I drove it home.  Well, the next morning I went out and could not open any of the doors! I pulled and pounded and scraped and nothing.  Finally I was able to get the rear trunk open and had to crawl in through the back of the vehicle. It was a mess and the guys at work made sure I did not forget about that event for years.  As for your comments about the people who leave the large snow drifts on their cars, I can’t figure that one out either.  It seems like it would be safer and easier to just keep a push broom nearby and knock all that snow off before you leave.  Or buy one of those remote starters!  I love that invention – I can get the car heated up quickly and then enjoy sitting in that warm seat once I get out there.  Now, if one of those young whipper snappers could just invent a remote broomer we would have it all made!  Let me know how it all works out.
Sincerely, Dear Crabby
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