Dear Crabby, Why is there no Holiday in August?

Dear Crabby, I want to take a long weekend next month and looking at the calendar I noticed August is free of any holidays, why?

Sincerely, Augustus Looking


Mr. Looking,

You don’t say. I’ve never noticed. In fact, I thought you had to be pulling my leg. With all the religious holidays, national holidays and made-up Hallmark Holidays, I figured every month was covered in them. Looking at my trusty “Puppies in Baskets” calendar one of my grandkids bought me for Christmas last year—I see you are correct.

Dear Crabby with a Laptop ComputerI’m not sure why I received such a gift. I like puppies as much as the next person, but it’s not as if I’m eager to have another dog and I certainly don’t ooh and aah over such things in life. Anyway, the four little brown dachshunds, sitting in a colorful basket, confirm your observation with barks of disbelief—August is holiday-free.

However, a few things happen in August that may be of interest to you. For one, it’s National Goat Cheese Month—that’s got be fun for someone. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is held the first full week of August. And, the middle week of August brings us the Perseid meteor shower every year. Some other observances for August include National Immunization Awareness Month, National Psoriasis Awareness Month, and National Back to School Month—those have fun written all over them.

Many Europeans take the entire month of August off and go on vacation—that brings us back to your question—how to get a long weekend next month without an official holiday.

Since we’re not in Europe, I suggest you pick a Monday and just take it off for your three-day vacation. Mondays are better days than Friday to take off. First, most people take Fridays off; and Mondays may be easier to be approved at work. Sunday night accommodations are usually cheaper than Friday nights. In addition, you miss the drive rush that most commonly happens on Fridays and Sundays, by driving on Saturday and Monday. Try camping at one of our beautiful state parks in mid-month so you can watch the meteor shower?

Hope that works for you,

Dear Crabby


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