Dear Crabby, Why Should I Ask You?

Dear Crabby, Why should I ask you for your opinion about my life’s questions?

Justin Wondering

Well Mr. Wondering,

The short answer is I have a weekly column and you don’t. But perhaps you meant what qualifies me to answer questions about life? Then I would have to say because I come from the Silent Generation—that slice of the 20th Century squeezed between the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers. That group of listeners grew up in a tough time—the Great Depression—we heard it all. And I, certainly have heard it all. I’ve learned a lot from listening, living, and loving those around me. In addition, I’m old, and that has to count for something.

Dear Crabby with a Laptop ComputerWhen I was young and working at a new job, I asked a few different people how best to do my job. One kid that worked there (he was a few years older than me) told me to always look like I’m working only when the boss is around—otherwise, don’t bother to do much. He was fired the next day, so I didn’t take his advice. Then, a teacher told me to be assertive, and suggest new and better ways to do the job to my boss. I tried that a couple times and I was given all the yucky tasks, like cleaning the toilets. My boss said I could try any “new and better way” I wanted to clean them. Although, I just cleaned them the fastest way I could. Finally, and old guy nearing retirement told to me I only needed to know two things to do well there: One, learn the job; and two, do what the boss tells me. You know what, that was the best advice. Now that I’m old and retired and I’m giving out the advice.

Best of all, why should you ask me for my opinion to your life’s questions, because this summer we’re giving away tickets to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Each month we’ll pick the best question sent in by readers, I’ll answer it in my column, and the winner will receive a family four pack to attend the festival. We’ll start taking your questions next week—the festival begins in mid-August—good luck!


Dear Crabby


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