Dear Crabby, Why Should I Care about Iowa and New Hampshire?

Dear Crabby,

Last week, everyone was all about the Iowa Caucus and this week people can’t seem to shut up about the New Hampshire Primary. What I want to know is why are these two states so important during a presidential election?

Beatrix Bipartisan

Dear Ms. Bipartisan,

Excellent question! And honestly… I have no idea. But ain’t it a kick in the head to watch? I bet some of these candidates couldn’t even find these two states on a map before they started campaigning and they’re acting like they just won a trip to Disney World! In my opinion, ya gotta want to be president pretty bad to get in a frenzy over Iowa and New Hampshire. DearCrabby

Anywho, you asked a question and I’d like to do my best to answer it. Iowa is a big deal because it’s the first state that gets to vote, and it’s been that way for almost 50 years. Back then tensions were running high over the Vietnam War and race relations. So, the Democrats decided they wanted to change their process so that it included more people. And because Iowa has to make things complicated with their, ‘you stand over here in a square’ caucus process, it was decided they would go first. Simple as that. Now over in New Hampshire they have a primary. Much like Iowa, it’s just another way to weed out the candidate herd so the losers can stop wasting money trying to convince people he or she would be a great commander-in-chief. I mean, didn’t the Republicans started with 20 some candidates? And does anyone know if there is still a third person running against Bernie and Hillary? ‘Cuz I sure don’t!

Oh, and to recap: Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton won Iowa, but Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire. So I say… may the best man, woman, or narcissist win.

Dear Crabby

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