Dear Crabby, Will 2021 be Better than This Year?

Dear Crabby,

I am almost too afraid to ask this question, but what do you think the New Year will bring us?


Rita Renaissance

Dear Rita Renaissance,

You are indeed a brave soul for even asking. My longtime readers know that I usually use my last December post to talk about the year that was, so here goes: toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Zoom, masks, quarantine, and vaccine. That about sums it up. Happy New Year, everyone!  Does that answer your question? OK. I’ll keep talking then.

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It seems like it was just three hundred and sixty-some days ago that I was writing about what we had to look forward to in 2020. Remember how we were all giddy about most of the major holidays falling on weekends which meant not having to worry about getting up for work or school the next day? Heck. Remember when kids actually went to school and adults went to work? I guess having less traffic on the roads helped speed up all the road construction projects. Wait, no. The state dragged their feet on that opportunity too. Maybe now you understand why I don’t like to make any of those silly New Year’s resolutions. It seems like the moment you state your intentions about something – bam! Reality snatches your dreams away like Lucy did every time Charlie Brown tried to kick a football. Speaking of football… not much has changed on the Detroit professional sports landscape, but the Lions did manage to get it together long enough to fire head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn, so I guess that’s something. The one thing I’m claiming I got right in 2020 relates to the local and national elections. They turned out to be just as stressful and bananas as I thought they were going to be. In fact, elections are still going on in Georgia!

One of my grandkids suggested we should all watch the movie Jumanji (the one with The Rock, not Robin Williams) on New Year’s Eve and at midnight yell, ‘Jumanji!’ just to see if that resets everything. It may sound crazy, but honestly, at this point, it almost makes sense. Just something to think about. If you’re superstitious like Stevie Wonder and want to get rid of any remaining bad 2020 juju, you can eat 12 grapes at midnight like they do in Spain ensuring the next 12 months will be filled with luck. I kind of like Denmark’s approach. They take their broken dishes and chuck them at their friends’ and family’s homes as a sign of good luck. But I think my favorite idea comes from the Scottish. The first person to enter your home in the New Year is required to bring you an assortment of symbolic gifts such as a coin, salt, bread, coal, and whiskey. You can keep the salt, bread, and coal. Given the way this year has gone I’ll take a gift card, toilet paper, and definitely some whiskey.

Ya know, I think we’re better off not knowing exactly what 2021 holds for us. Because if we had known what 2020 was going to be like, I think we all would have asked for a raincheck.

Stay safe and Auld Lang Syne!

Dear Crabby

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