Dear Crabby, Will American Pharoah win the Triple Crown?

Dear Crabby, Will American Pharoah win the Triple Crown, and why is his name spelled wrong?

Sincerely, Bill Monte.

Hi Bill,

Well, if I were a betting man, I would bet against American Pharoah. Not that I don’t think he can do it, and not that I’m in opposition to this three-year-old colt winning, but because history says the odds are against him. It’s been 37 years since the last Triple Crown winner—Affirmed in 1978—there have been only 12 Triple Crowns winners in total since Sir Barton won in 1919.

Dear Crabby with a Laptop ComputerFor a horse to win the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes—the top three spring races—he (or she) must be a super horse. When Secretariat won all three in 1973, it had been 25 years since the last Triple Crown winner, I remember the horse was Citation and the year was 1948—I also remember the Chevy Citation—nowhere near as fast as the horse. That summer, our father would line up the three kids every Saturday, to race around the house. My sister, the oldest, won almost every time and my little brother, almost never. He would yell out bizarre racehorse names, such as Slow Pokey Pony, Donkey Power, Armored Heifer, Stompers, Dead Hoofer, and Fuddy-Duddy—as if he were the race announcer—calling out the names he gave us kids during the race. The only time I won is when my sister would fall (or I would trip her on the backstretch). My brother would only win when my sister and I were “disqualified.”

Anyway, American Pharoah will be the 24th horse to win the first two races and aim for the third race (the other 23 failed at the third one). History is not a friend to this young colt. However, you never know, he is a fine horse and he may just do it. Considering the connections to American Pharoah spelled his name wrong when they submitted to the Jockey Club—the organization that oversees the industry—I think it would be funny for all those newspaper people to struggle with spellcheck from here on out.

I say put all your money on American Pharoah and give me half when he wins. If he doesn’t win, it will be a very good lesson about gambling. Either way you do it, I’ll be watching the race on Saturday, June 6.

Best of Luck,

Dear Crabby


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