Dear Crabby, Will Rochester Hills Ever Have a New Mayor?

Dear Crabby, Now that Mayor Barnett has won his fourth term, I wonder, will Rochester Hills ever have a new Mayor?

Sincerely, New Blood Wanted


Dear New Blood,

I’m old and the mayor is young, so I might not see it in my lifetime, but others will. I only met the mayor once – they were giving away free cupcakes at some local event and he beat me to the last one (remember, I’m old and move slower than he does). I said a few things about the situation but he couldn’t respond because the cupcake was already in his mouth. Now, I don’t know if he saw me coming or if his love for cupcakes blinded him while grabbing the last one, all I know is in four years, before I go to the polls again, my vote will go to the candidate that brings me cupcakes!

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Dear Crabby Gives Advice

Anyway, I’m sure your concern is about term limits and whatnot. It’s true, the City of Rochester Hills has term limits. The mayor cannot run on the ballot after serving two full consecutive terms. There was some debate that is name could be on the ballot this time, since he won his third term as a write-in. However, they chose the write-in approach again, presumably to avoid complaints or legal issues. Personally, I think he would have been fine, but even as a write-in, no one challenged him by officially running on the ballot. There was another write-in campaign from Kimberly Bailiff who took 9.16% of the vote – Mayor Barnett took 83.55% and 7.29% were consider “rejected” – far from a number to be in the running (she may have done better by actually putting her name on the ballot for all to see).

By all accounts, endorsements, and community chit-chat, Mayor Barnett is doing a great job and the residents love him. Of course, like you, not everyone will be on Team Barnett. That’s the funny thing about the debate over term limits of our elected officials, you don’t want to see the good ones go and you don’t want to keep the bad ones. But I get it, some just believe that even a good steward of the post should let another have a go at it.

Well, it’s just a matter of time that greener pastures will temp our beloved mayor to add to his resume. Maybe county executive, or governor, or perhaps ambassador to Ukraine. Be careful of what you wish for, without “Bryan Barnett” running for mayor, just about anyone has a chance, maybe even me … I can see it now, “Dear Crabby for Mayor!” And then I guess I’ll have to buy my own cupcakes.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby


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  1. LYN sieffert says

    People, in general, seem to be afraid of anyone staying in office too long — regardless of how beneficial their tenure is.There seems to be an attitude of “change for change sake”, don’t you agree,

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