Dear Crabby, Will the Country Unite?

Dear Crabby, Will the Country Unite?

Sincerely, Bernie Supporter



Always good to hear from a Bernie supporter – you folks are so entertaining and funny, thank you for your question.

Yes and no. Half of the people are angry, mad, upset, disappointed, pointing blame, and just plain frustrated right now. Eight years ago it was the other half feeling the same way. They thought President Obama would destroy our way of life, that he hated America and what we stood for, that he force more social programs on us (okay, he did do that, but I’m sure your fine with it). The point is, we’re all right. We made it. And we will again.

Dear Crabby Gives AdviceThere are protests going on now, the day after, and soon, maybe riots. That didn’t happen eight years ago. Seems some of this new batch of voters feel protesting any time they don’t get their way works. And it has worked in some cases.

It won’t this time. Some people, on both sides never get over an election. Heck, I’m still steaming over Harry Truman winning.

Anyway, while Trump may not be your guy (or gal), I hope you will support American and the tradition of a smooth transition. Hillary Clinton and President Obama will, and have said so. But after that, you can bet both will be on the attack – politically – and we’ll be back at it. But please, please, take a break – we need it.


Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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  1. Beads Underfoot says

    It is obvious to me the Biff stole Doc’s time machine again.
    As we know, Biff got his casino after the 1st time he took the time machine,
    …and I woke up this past Wed morning to find out Biff is now the POTUS = alternate reality
    Stay tuned for the manure truck

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