Dear Crabby, Will There be a Recount?

Dear Crabby, Will There be a Recount?

Sincerely, Chad Hanging

Dear Chad,

Well, don’t we all want to revisit the Florida fun recount of 2000. Of course there will be a recount – there is in every election to some degree. From the sounds the president is making, I’d say he wants a full county-wide recount (at least in the blue states), if not a complete redo of the election.

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The individual states all have their own rules and procedures to allow a recount to happen. Most of the time there has to be a very narrow margin for the state to warrant the recount, usually .5 to 1%. However, a secretary of state can order a recount if they suspect an error in the reporting. Let me tell you something, there’s always an error … somewhere.

But here’s the deal, statistically a recount only changes the vote by a few hundred and sometimes not in the favor of the challenger. When it’s this close, however, you’ll take the chance each and every time. And President Trump would need at least two states with big Electoral College votes to swing to his side, and that’s a tough wish list. And they’re still counting the first round!

Anywho, even if the recounts don’t happen or don’t go in the President’s favor, you can bet your blue suede shoes he’ll take everyone to court until he exhausts all of his options. And if there is fraud and conspiracy to find, we should let him try. That way both sides can find out more of the truth and – one way or another – it should offer more closure to everyone. Besides, it’s 2020 … and we have to keep up this craziness at least until the end of the year, right?

Now go vote again, I hear they’re still accepting mail-in ballots in some states.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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