Dear Crabby, Will We have Rain all Summer?

Dear Crabby, Will We have Rain all Summer?

Sincerely, Reva Skye

Dear Reva,

Rain, rain, go away; Come again another day; Rain, rain go way … Remember that cute nursery rhyme. I bet a lot of folks are signing that tune right now.

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After a dry spring, most people were praying for rain. Well, now you can see the power of prayer works in mysterious ways. We’ve had all our normal summer rainfall amounts in the last two weeks – there was flooding all over southeast Michigan, including in Rochester Hills.

Our storm drains are designed for 10-year rains and we had a 25-year rain event. That means we’re good for the next 25 years, so I should be good too … I’ll never live long enough to see another rain storm like that one, but I’ll sure try!

Detroit’s wettest June was way back in 1892, with over 8-inches; followed by 1987 with over 7-inches. June 2021 is just over 5-inches right now. So, with all that rain we’ve had already, I be you’re thinking we should be dry for July and August, right?

No such luck. July is predicted to be hot with rain, then cool with rain, then warm with (you guessed it) rain. However, the rainfall amounts should be closer to normal for the month. August should be normal as well, and some old farmer says September will be dry but October will be wet. I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

In the mean time, the fish are biting, my car’s been washed, and the grass needs cutting again. However, the big Fourth of July weekend holiday is predicted to dry and warm, which beats wet and hot any day. Enjoy your Independence Day festivities, the rain will be back soon enough!

Grab your umbrella just in case,

Dear Crabby

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