Dear Crabby, Will you be Giving Away Michigan Renaissance Festival Tickets again this Year?

Dear Crabby, Will you be Giving Away Michigan Renaissance Festival Tickets again this Year?

Hopeful, Lady Free Bird


Huzzah! Lady Free Bird

Why yes, yes I am. And by “I” you should know I mean “we” at Rochester Media. Each year we get an amount of tickets to use as giveaways, and to encourage people like you to send in an advice question to me, your Dear Crabby friend. I’ve been giving away free and (if you don’t mind me saying) darn good advice for a long time. And if you’ve been reading for a while, you know that Mrs. Crabby found me a way to give advice while sitting a computer, quietly typing away once a week. I think she was hopeful that I would stop spilling out random advice to bloodsucking telemarketers, junk food junkies in line at the grocery store, and foreign car-driving fools. Well, at lot as changed since then.

Dear Crabby sits infront of his laptop

Dear Crabby Gives Advice

Sure, I still give random people advice they need but don’t want. But now my focus is on you, our readers. With everyday questions, serious concerns, and amusing inquiries, I get to use my talents to give advice to those writing in … sometimes answering their question.

By the way, what was your question again? Oh yes, Renaissance Festival tickets. So, from now until September 1, when you send in a question I answer in the column, you’ll receive a family four-pack of tickets good any day of the 2018 festival – that’s like a $100 value!

If you’ve never been to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, you’re in for a treat. And if you go all the time, here’s your chance to save your money for food and drink at the event. Make it a good question. Make it an honest question.

Ask a question by emailing me at

Huzzah! Dear Crabby

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