Decorate a gingerbread man as fast as you can!

My family and I attended The Polar Express event at The Rochester Hills Public Library this past photo 2Friday. It was so busy but everything was well-organized so we didn’t feel crowded or rushed. Before I proceed, let me emphasize that we do not handle organized fun very well. If it’s supposed to be fun then we will be disappointed. I’m not really sure why because we’re really fun people! I guess it’s just the pressure to purposely do something that’s fun. Anyway, we waited in line just a bit and went inside the library where we were greeted by a volunteer who explained which rooms held all the different activities.

Here’s how it went:

“Do you want to see Santa?” No.

“Do you want to write him a letter?” No. I can’t write yet.

“Do you want to get your ‘Elf Certification’?” No. That doesn’t make sense, Mom.

“Do you want to make reindeer food?” No. Unless we are also making reindeer driphoto 5nk.

“Do you want to decorate a sugar cookie?” Um… YES!

Decorating a sugar cookie and going on the trolley ride were the only things we participated in. Honestly, I’m okay with that, although we did end up taking a quick picture with Santa too. At least I know he’ll be really excited about going to the Home Bakery THIS SUNDAY December 15th (yes, we’re already that far into the month!) from 12 to 3:00 p.m. to decorate a cookie. There will be gingerbread boys & girls as well as Christmas trees ready for the children to decorate. It sounds like a great time! RSVP at (248) 651-4830 or let them know on Facebook.

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