Deerfield Elementary Student Shines at TGA Invitational

Avondale School District Deerfield Elementary fifth-grader Ria Narang traveled to Sarnia, Ontario to compete in the 2016 TGA Junior Golf Invitational with nineteen teammates. The group took first place, winning eight two-team scrambles, and brought home the top prize – the Blue Water Cup. Ria, who has only been golfing for two years, is hooked on the sport even if she doesn’t always finish first. “I love the game, even if I don’t win,” she said. “Since the first time I tried it in my backyard. I like the physical part of it and the thinking part of it,” she added.

Ria Narang takes a swing during the TGA Junior Golf Invitational

Ria Narang takes a swing during the TGA Junior Golf Invitational

During the season Ria attends TGA Golf Camps where she gets hours of instruction time as well as course play. When she isn’t at camp she devotes six to ten hours a week practicing and playing – perfecting her technique and game. “I’d like to keep golfing throughout my life. My goal is to attend Stanford University not only because they are such a great school but also because they have great golf teams and a beautiful course,” she said.

Ria’s father, Raj Narang, likes his daughter’s participate in the TGA program as an avenue to experience the benefits of athletic involvement through a sport that has minimal risk. “Being on a sports team is very good for young people – they learn about commitment and teamwork. They grow physically and socially. Golf provides opportunity for that growth with less concern about player safety or injury,” said Narang.

Narang also pointed out that golf provides opportunity for student athletes hoping to garner scholarships to help them attend college. “Most families are not thinking of golf as having a lot of scholarships for graduating seniors but there are many (scholarships) available – especially for girls.”

Ria would like to see more girls get interested in the sport – she was one of only two girls who traveled to Canada for the Invitational. She’s aware that historically golf has been predominately a man’s sport. “That shouldn’t stop any girls from playing it though. People should do what they are good at and do what they like,” she said.

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