Disconnection: Part of a Balanced Information Diet

From Google and Facebook to smartphones and iPads, technology has improved our lives in countless ways — but at a cost. Drawing on research she conducted with the support of the American Library Association and Google, Jessie Mannisto will discuss the way the Internet affects our work and our relationships on Thursday, March 29th at 7 p.m. at the Rochester Hills Public Library.  She will offer thoughts on how you can develop a “digital diet” that suits your individual, family, or professional needs.

Hotels now offer “digital detox” packages to help the overconnected, religious and secular groups have joined together to call for a National Day of Unplugging, and books like William Powers’ Hamlet’s BlackBerry: A Practical Guide For Building a Good Life in the Digital Age become New York Times bestsellers. The program will begin with a discussion of Hamlet’s BlackBerry and continue with a broader conversation of technology in our lives and communities.

Jessie spent the summer of 2011 as a Google Policy Fellow with the American Library Association Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) in Washington, DC. She launched her first web site as a teenager in 1996, and her on-line projects have been featured on CNN and CBS Radio.  Having completed her master’s degree at the University of Michigan School of Information in 2011, she is now a Research Associate with OITP, where she is working to understand how we can deepen human wisdom and strengthen human relationships through smarter use of our technology.

Registration is required and open to those with a Rochester Hills Public library card. To register go to the Events Calendar at www.rhpl.org or call 248-656-2900. The Rochester Hills Public Library is located in downtown Rochester two blocks east of Main Street off of University Drive on Olde Towne Road. For more information, please call 248-650-7124.

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