Downtown Rochester: Location, Location, Location

Entrepreneurs seeking the best place to open or expand a small business are invited to attend the Downtown Rochester Property Tour, which takes place on Thursday, August 26th, from 1:00-7:00pm.   At this time, the DDA expects to have about 20 office spaces and 15 retail spots to show.
This self-guided tour will allow those seeking a new location to view all available spaces within the DDA district.  Downtown Rochester is one of the most proactive communities in Business Development and Promotion.  Since August of 2008 the vacancy rate in Downtown Rochester has gone from 9.5% to 5.1% and the trend is continuing. This will be the fifth Downtown Rochester Property Tour since the tour began in 2008.   “Each time we present one of our tours, we bring in new business and garner interest in our downtown”, states Sheila Harris, Business Development Assistant for the Rochester DDA. “It is a really enjoyable way to experience Downtown Rochester, explore the possibilities, and imagine your business here.”

The starting location for the tour will be 335 Main Street, near the corner of W.  Fourth Street.  Each participant will be given a list and walking map of all open properties.  Property owners or a representative will be there to show each space and give lease or purchase details.
DDA staff will be on hand to discuss grants and marketing tools available to new businesses.

For more information on the Downtown Rochester Property Tour, contact the Rochester DDA and Sheila Harris, at 248-656-0060 or

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