Dr. Loren Siffring Displays Art at the Library

Dr. Loren Siffring is not your average 79-year-old citizen.  While he still enjoys downhill skiing, traveling coast to coast to visit his children and grandchildren, and authoring and co-authoring books, he still finds time to paint and teach others how to paint as well.  This month and next his pastel art is on display at the Rochester Hills Public Library for all to see. Rochester Media was able to catch up with him this week and video him talking about his display. “Inspiration is a gift, freely given to us. As the gift is given, we become the steward of it and have the responsibility to care for it,” says Siffring. Be sure to click here to see his display and hear him talk about it.

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  1. Cory Siffring says

    Great write-up. I enjoyed this a lot. Cory

  2. Jenny Fitzpatrick says

    Thanks for doing this story. I really enjoyed it. I did not know that the word “Colorado” means “red rocks” and my parents are both from there.
    Wonderful pictures!

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