Dualing Kickoffs Reflect Stark Differences in Congressional Campaigns

Note: This press release was provided to Rochester Media by McMillin for Congress.

McMillin Attracts 100 Supporters, Bishop Buys Ice Cream and Talks to Patrons

On Saturday, Rep. Tom McMillin had over 100 supporters attend his kickoff at his campaign headquarters in Clarkston, eager to get to work. Congressman Justin Amash was the guest speaker. kickoff

Yesterday, Mike Bishop had to go to a cider mill, pay for people to eat sundaes and talk to patrons visiting the mill– in order to attract almost the number in attendance as were at McMillin’s kickoff, if you include the establishment politicians endorsing the campaign.  This time, Mike Rogers was seen without Diane Feinstein by his side trying to defend mass surveillance of U.S. citizens.

“There’s no doubt that the excitement is with McMillin’s campaign,” said spokesman David Forsmark, “The hundred plus people at Tom’s kickoff weren’t there for the bottles of water he handed out.  They were there, to work for the only candidate for Congress who is a solid, consistent conservative who would never cut deals with the likes of Jennifer Granholm to create a destructive tax that destroyed Michigan’s economy, then cut another deal to raise it, like Mike Bishop did.  In fact, Tom stood with Governor Snyder to repeal what the Governor called ‘a stupid tax’ that ‘cost Michigan jobs.'”

McMillin’s campaign has put out a very clear, well documented comparison piece contrasting the two candidates’ records on this and other issues that can be seen at www.tom4michigan.com/scorecard.

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