Dusting Off Your 2011 Goals

The month of June marks the halfway point for the year. How are you tracking to your 2011 goals?  Do you have great action and momentum? Or, do you find yourself settling back into your comfort zone? It”s never too late to make a fresh start and ignite your goals for the year.  Here are a few tips for staying focused on your goals:

  • Put your goals in writing.
  • Be specific about your goals and make them measurable. A goal such as “Lose 15 pounds by October 15, 2011” is specific and measurable compared to a goal such as “Lose weight”.
  • Post your goals where you can see them. Recommended places to post your goals include the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, your desk at work, or any place in your house where you will frequently see and reflect on your goals.
  • Establish at least one measurable action that you”ll take each week to help you stay on track with each goal. For example, if you intend to lose 15 pounds by October 15, 2011, you may choose to pack a healthy lunch 5 days per week. Taking measurable actions in support of your goals will help you to make progress, stay committed, and achieve them.
  • Track your progress weekly.
  • Enlist the support of a friend or relative to champion you and keep you accountable.

The possibilities for 2011 are endless. Spend some time thinking about ways to stay committed to your 2011 goals and put those steps in action. If you need help coming up with a plan for making 2011 your best year yet, I”m only an email away!

Jackie Trepanier, Founder of Cultivated Coaching, is a leading coach and voice of today’s accomplished professionals. She works one on one with those ready to develop a plan for the next chapter of their businesses, careers, and lives. Contact Jackie at jackie@cultivatedcoaching.com or www.cultivatedcoaching.com to schedule a free Discovery Session.

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