EEI Global Employees Support Crittenton: Working Globally and Acting Locally

Headquartered in Rochester Hills, EEI Global is led by President & CEO Derek Gentile. His father, David Gentile, who founded the company in 1981, first inspired Derek’s visionary leadership. EEI Global logoTogether, the father-son team has created a well-developed, experience marketing company with in-house talent that sets them apart from their corporate peers.  Company culture is creative, innovative and philanthropic, focusing both on local causes and global issues that are important to leadership and employees alike. “We believe that it is our corporate responsibility to give back to the community. Through the donations and volunteer efforts of our company and our employees, EEI Global works to strengthen non-profit organizations whose missions we respect and value.  It gives our work incredible meaning,” says Derek.

When EEI Global employees learned about the Crittenton Foundation’s campaign to support construction of a new tower for hospital patients, they were quick to jump in and eager to make a difference. “It is an obvious cause for our employees because we rely on Crittenton from a corporate perspective and for each of our families,” says Amy Dixon, Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development. EEI Global employees can participate in Casual for a Cause by making a charitable contribution for an opportunity to dress casually.

“Our employees are generous by nature, so this is a fun way to recognize their philanthropy and promote a team approach to giving back,” Dixon explains. Crittenton’s Every Square Matters Campaign was chosen to receive employee donations every other month – over time resulting in naming a patient room in the hospital’s south tower in honor of EEI Global employees. The Every Square Matters campaign provides individuals and businesses in our community an opportunity to invest in Crittenton’s new tower by donating a square foot of the project.

“We are honored to be a steward of the employee donations and are excited to develop an ongoing partnership with EEI Global. We hope their commitment will create an awareness of the difference companies in our community can make together and also inspire a similar generosity in other companies,” says Melinda Conway Callahan, President, Crittenton Foundation.

Supporting Crittenton hits close to home for the company.  “We are a close knit company and we want the very best for our employees. Any time a worker is injured or becomes ill on site, we are grateful and fortunate to have a reliable, well-equipped facility just minutes away,” states Derek. “Having Crittenton in our community directly and positively affects business growth and vitality, as well as education and home values, all of which are important to our company and our employees.”

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