Election 2013 Results in, Hear from the Winners

Rochester Hills Winners

Kevin Brown Wins for At Large City Council Member Rochester Hills

Kevin Brown Wins for At Large City Council Member Rochester Hills

Dominating in all 32 precincts of Rochester Hills, Kevin Brown wins the At Large City Council Member position with an average of 74 percent of the vote. “I am honored to be elected to the Rochester Hills City Council and I look forward to serving the city for the next four years. I would like to thank my wife Leslie, my children Zach and Kaitlyn and all of the other friends, family and volunteers that helped me during this campaign. Campaigning has been a wonderful experience and provided me with a unique opportunity to meet many of the citizens of Rochester Hills and hear their concerns. This is a great time for the City of Rochester Hills and I am looking forward to working with my other colleagues on the council, Mayor Barnett and the city staff to address those concerns,” said Brown.

Jeff Lauth, who withdrew for the race, took 24 percent of the vote and just 2 percent went to Write-Ins. State law required the ballots keep Lauth’s name on since he withdrew too close to the election date.

Steph Morita Becomes the Next City Council Member for District 1 of Rochester Hills

Steph Morita Becomes the Next City Council Member for District 1 of Rochester Hills

Dee Hilbert promoted herself as a Write-In candidate with postcards and phone calls in the final days. However, District 1 voted in Steph Morita (the only name on the official ballot) as Council Member with 86 percent of the vote, while Write-Ins took 14 percent. “I am very pleased with the outcome of the election and grateful for the faith the voters of our City have placed in me. I look forward to serving our community for the next four years,” said Morita.

Write-Ins did a little better in district 4 taking 18 percent of the vote. Lisa Barno-Winarski ran as a Write-In. However, the one name on the ballot took 82 percent of the vote. Thomas W. Wiggins will be the new Council Member for District 4.

Two names appeared on the ballot for Library Board Director. Anne Kucher received 55 percent and Robert Bonam received 45 percent of the vote. Both are winners since there were two seats open.

Seventy-seven percent voted “YES” for the proposal to revise permissible uses of the green space millage.

By precinct totals available at the Rochester Hills City Website.

Winners in the City of Rochester

There was a bit more of a race in Rochester with five candidates running for four open seats on the city council. The top three vote getters, Mayor Stuart Bikson, Mayor Pro Tem Jeffrey T. Cuthbertson and councilmember Cathy Daldin each win a new four-year term. The fourth highest in vote count earns Rob Ray a two-year term as the newest city councilmember. Ann M. Peterson took the least number of votes and she will remain in the private sector for now.

Rob Ray Elected to 2-year term for Rochester City Council

Rob Ray Elected to 2-year term for Rochester City Council

The Winners offered Statements to Rochester Media about the Election

“I am grateful that once again, the people of Rochester have elected me to serve on the city council. I will continue to do my best to represent the citizens of Rochester. I want to continue to provide Rochester with a great government that the people of Rochester deserve,” said Stuart Bikson.

“I am very happy and humbled to be able to serve the City on Council for another four years. Earning first place finishes in my last three elections is clear confirmations that delivering a well-run, efficient government operation while actively planning for the future is what voters want. With this in mind, I plan on a third term with active, hands-on leadership aimed at gathering timely consensus on strategic budget and development matters and then driving positive action for Rochester,” said Jeffrey Cuthbertson.

“I am honored and thankful the wonderful citizens of Rochester re-elected me to a four year term on city council. I am looking forward to maintaining Rochester’s reputation as a great place to live work and play,” said Cathy Daldin.

“I sincerely appreciate the confidence and trust my fellow neighbors have placed in me. The past few months have provided a wonderful experience to meet more residents of Rochester and to learn why they love living here. Each conversation has presented a different and valuable perspective on how City Council can continue to enhance the experience of living or working in Rochester. I am extremely excited to join the other Councilmembers, City Staff, departments and volunteers that work tirelessly towards ensuring Rochester remains an exceptional community for years to come,” said Robert Ray.

The new council will elect mayor and mayor pro tem from its members later this month. The title will be for one year.

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