Election Results 2018

State of Michigan 2018 Election Results

While the “Blue Wave” across the country splashed over the “Red Wall” a bit (typical for a mid-term), it was not as large as predicted. However that wave hit Michigan with a larger impact, sailing a majority of female candidates on the Democratic side of the aisle over the top to win in the state’s top elected offices.

Gretchen Whitmer will be our next governor, Jocelyn Benson will be our next secretary of state, Dana Nessel will be our next attorney general, and Debbie Stabenow retains her seat as U.S. Senator.

In addition, two U.S. House seats flipped to the Democrats, Elissa Slotkin (8th District) and Haley Stevens (11th District) will replace the traditionally Republican held seats. This leaves the state of Michigan evenly split in the U.S. House with each major party having seven seats. Both U.S. Senate seats belong to the Dems.

In the State Senate, the Democrats picked up one seat, however the Republicans still hold the majority with 22 seats over 16 held by Democrats. In the State House, the Dems picked up three seats, but not enough to catch the Republicans who will retain the majority with 58 over 50 held by Democrats.

All three statewide proposals passed. While parts of each one were problematic for people on both sides of the issue, the “yes” votes won with a strong majority.

On the National Stage

The Democrats picked up enough seats to gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives. They needed 23 to gain control and at time of publication had gained 27, giving them a slight majority. However, it was another story in the U.S. Senate. The Republicans not only held on to the majority, but gained seats. At time of publication, that number was two, but could be as much as five when official.

These swings in congress are typical and are predicted to go the opposite direction in 2020. Look for the U.S. House to go RED and the U.S. Senate to possible go BLUE in two years.

As far as governor races across the country, the Republicans lost seven states (at time of publication), however they still retain the majority of gubernatorial seats in the nation.


The City of Rochester passed their one Charter Amendment Proposal and Oakland Township renewed their Land Preservation Millage. Turnout was strong – record-breaking – across the country. Oakland County was mostly 50-80% of registered voters showing up on election day (or via absentee ballot). Rochester, Rochester Hills, and Oakland Township averaged 70-90% in election turnout.

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