Everyday Heroes and Random Kindnesses

Bullies, Coasters, Hermits and Heroes by Suse Wilcox

Sarah and Jamie have adventure-filled, fun plans for their summer. However, when Sarah’s newspaper delivery job leads her to encounter those from different socioeconomic classes, she comes to realize that “weird” people and those who don’t fit into her family’s world have their own real lives, concerns, and personas. She begins to learn about the hidden ‘heroes’ in everyday life.

Both kids become more aware of the different choices involved in interacting with others, discovering that heroes needn’t be dramatic; and quiet acts of kindness can easily become simple ways of reacting to life.

Bullies, Coasters, Hermits and Heroes by Suse Wilcox

Bullies, Coasters, Hermits and Heroes by Suse Wilcox

When was the last time your tween empathized with a stranger’s plight? The middle school years are a prime time when pre-teens begin to form values and perceptions about life, learning how to perceive and interpret the feelings and actions of others. Nevertheless, parents and children are seldom given concrete tools to discuss bullying, friendships, and larger social issues. Bullies, Coasters, Hermits and Heroes present a rare set of insights that parents and tweens can use as openers to meaningful, thought-provoking dialogue.

Too many middle school novels focus on shallow interactions and action stories. Bullies, Coasters, Hermits and Heroes adds depth by asking some hard questions about different kinds of people and the choices they make with what life presents them: “Some appeared to have no desire to change their situation. They didn’t even take care of what they had. Their trailers were dirty and messy. How could they fulfill their purpose if they didn’t strive for something else? Did something happen to break their spirit, or were they born as coasters?”

About the Author

Author Suse Wilcox

Author Suse Wilcox

Suse Wilcox lives on the border of Rochester, Michigan with her husband and two sons, who attend Rochester Community Schools. She has an MBA from the University of Michigan and worked in the field of finance before pursuing her passion to write.

She hopes to motivate children and young adults to read books that are entertaining, but also have thought-provoking messages regarding life, personal choices, and faith.

Visit the author’s website for more information.

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