Faith Works Michigan Annual Fundraiser Dinner

Faith Works of Michigan is planning an evening of celebration with dinner and entertainment on Thursday, October 3, from 6:30-9:00 p.m. at Petruzzello’s, 6950 S. Rochester Road, Troy, MI 49085.

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Faith Works

Guest speakers will be Jaymes Vettraino, the director of the Center for Social Engagement at Rochester University, and Becky Lee, the Move Out director for Kensington Community Church.

Faith Works Michigan is a local non-profit organization made up of volunteers who complete home repair and projects at no cost for those unable to do it themselves because of their age or life circumstances. The mission of Faith Works is “…to serve God by helping those in need in our community.” Faith Works partners with area non-profits such as the Rochester Older Persons Commission and the Rochester Area Neighborhood House to complete projects.

Faith Works raises the funds through the annual dinner and through donations from its supporters.

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