Filming a Movie in the Rochester Area

Judging by the e-mails, phone calls, and text messages I have received this week, I am assuming that many of you noticed the Hollywood film crews around town. See our short video of the production crew in Rochester here.  I made a phone call to Rochester Hills Film Liaison, Ed Anzek, who was delighted to fill me in on the recent activity. Ed is the Director of Planning and Economic Development for Rochester Hills and as of two years ago is also the community’s Film Liaison. “Our Mayor had the foresight to see the opportunity that the State Film incentives could give our community, so he put a team together with the objective to make Rochester Hills a “Film-Friendly” community and asked me to be the Film Liaison to coordinate anything a film crew might need. We decided to be a place that was open and receptive to this industry and even go a step beyond and lend them resources as we are able. My tasks have varied from site selection, processing permits, and making referrals to other cities and townships, to finding food and lodging for 60 people with two days notice, to having a dry cleaner at their disposal the entire time they are here.”  As for this week’s activity, he filled me in on the “who, what, and where” portions to the best of his knowledge. The film has a working title of “A Reasonable Bunch” and is written and directed by Sam Levinson, son of Barry Levinson the Director of “Rain Man.” This film will be Sam’s directorial debut. The stars in the film include Demi Moore, Ellen Barkin, Ellen Burstyn, Kate Bosworth, and Thomas Haden Church. Some of the recent scenes that have taken over parts of our community include a scene involving a bathroom at the Chop House in Downtown Rochester, a scene at a gas station in Rochester Hills, and several scenes at a house in Oakland Township. “They will continue shooting film for a few more weeks,” says Anzek, “and we are delighted that they are here and that they chose our community. It’s great for local businesses!”  To find out more about the movie and when it will be released, click here.  If you would like to find out more about movies filmed in our community or who to contact, click here.  You are also welcome to contact Ed Anzek directly at 248.841.2572 or at

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