Flexible pregnancy: Prenatal yoga comes to Yoga Planet Studio in Rochester Hills

Breathing and stretching have been shown to alleviate haywire moods, i.e. from stress, so it’s no surprise that yoga during pregnancy can have its not-so-hidden benefits.

For the first time, Yoga Planet Studio in Rochester Hills will expand its schedule exclusively for expecting women in the area this week.

The program combines succinct breathing with gentle poses and offers a sense of community to elevate the pregnancy experience for mothers-to-be.

Picture 17And the woman in charge is a bit of a veteran.

“I am excited to shower the mothers with love,” said Elizabeth Crenshaw in an email response. Crenshaw is a yogi master with the studio and will guide mothers in the upcoming classes. She currently instructs private clients for prenatal yoga classes as well as substitutes for classes in a Royal Oak studio. She is thrilled to expand the practice to Yoga Planet.Picture 18

What Crenshaw enjoys most about teaching prenatal yoga is helping women “love their self and connect with their baby and learn to appreciate the beautiful life inside,” she said. “It is awesome seeing women develop the tools of breath, mind and heart as they embrace their changing body.”

Picture 20Prenatal yoga courses are increasing in popularity due to the many benefits, Crenshaw shares.

Perhaps the most significant advantage is the release of stress for new mothers, allotting specific time to relax.

But courses like Crenshaw’s upcoming set also ensure the safety of both expecting moms and baby by preventing complications during pregnancy.

“Research that is published in the Preventive Medicine Journal shows that ‘pregnant women who practiced yoga for one hour, three times per week, were less likely to have low birth weight babies, pregnancy-related diabetes and high blood pressure,’” Crenshaw shares.

Prenatal yoga courses also introduce a new sense of community, which has its role in raising a child, even prior to birth.

“(These classes) also allow mothers to keep their body in shape, connect with their body and baby and be in a comfortable environment with other expecting mothers to share and encourage other mothers throughout the beautiful time of change,” she said.

If nothing else, learning to breathe comfortably, deeply and relax will ease childbearing pain and extend its benefits well into motherhood, Crenshaw says.

While stretching and breathing seem relatively secure, there are still a few safety concerns and Crenshaw always ensures her prenatal yogi class members are educated on these.

Some guidelines include avoiding hot yoga or hot rooms, because “it could cause the mother to overheat very quickly,” she said.Picture 21

Another rule involves avoiding lying flat if women are past the first trimester. “But some women may be comfortable well into their pregnancy,” she adds.

Other general rules include no inversions, or poses where your body is flipped upside-down, such as a handstand position.

It is also suggested that expecting mothers do not do poses that stretch the abdominal muscles or core work and no deep forward bends, back bends or deep twists.

“This could cause a torn or strain muscle because the pregnancy hormones that allow the uterus to enlarge also softens and loosens connective tissue,” she said.

Crenshaw leaves readers with her most favored advice for prenatal yoga: “Listen to your body and trust it. Your body will never lie to you. We must learn to connect with it and hear what it has to say,” she said.

Prenatal yoga classes start this week at Yoga Planet Studio

All expecting women—at all levels of yoga experience—are invited to join Elizabeth Crenshaw for the series of prenatal yoga courses beginning this weekend.

“Our eight week Prenatal Yoga program is intended for women in various stages of pregnancy and is open to all experience levels,” said Bobby Maldonado, owner of Yoga Planet Studio.

Classes will be held from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. each Sunday beginning this Sunday, March 16.

The cost of the eight-week series is $125.

Women interested in taking part in the class should register in advance to reserve a spot.

Yoga Planet Studio is located at 3062 Walton Blvd next to Trader Joe’s in Rochester Hills.

For more information, you can visit www.yogaplanetstudio.com or give them a call at 248-375-3070.


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