Get a Brick Paver for a Veteran Now, for Veterans Tribute of Oakland Township

Veterans Tribute Group Announce Brick Paver Order Campaign

The Veterans Tribute of Oakland Township (VTOT) Board of Directors has been planning, designing and raising funds since 2015 to build a tribute to the United States Armed Forces and to veterans. The all-volunteer board is led by retired U.S. Army Colonel Timothy Reese; and consists of military veterans, local business and civic leaders.

Bulldozer and earthmover working on the site of the VTOT

Groundbreaking at the VTOT

The tribute is being built in Oakland Township near the intersection of Adams and Silverbell roads. Site grading and construction began this past October and will continue through the winter. Then in late spring of 2018, the group will begin vertical construction.

One major design element of the tribute is the use of inscribed brick (clay) paving stones to honor veterans and others. Pavers will be installed in several locations on the tribute site to include the walkway, around a 36’ flagpole, and in front of the semi-circular arc, which is the foundation of the six large glass panels that honor each of the nation’s military services.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Held August 2017

Small Paver with symbol example with name, rank, war served in and military symbol for branch of service

Small Paver with symbol

Pavers come in two sizes, 4’ x 8” and 8” x 8” and each size can be ordered with or without a symbol, such as a military crest or the US flag. Donors can honor a veteran, a family member, an organization or express any other patriotic thought. Donations can be made by anyone to honor anyone, regardless of where you live.

The pavers will be laser engraved, which burns the letters and symbols into the clay of the paver. Laser engraving never fades and last a lifetime. The 4”x 8” paver donation cost $150 while the 8” x 8” paver donation is $300.

Large Paver with symbol example with name, rank, war served in and military symbol for branch of service

Large Paver with Symbol

The tribute is scheduled to be dedicated in the summer of 2018. Therefore, to ensure that your paver will be installed with the original batch in time for the dedication ceremony, orders must be received by March 15.

The VTOT is a Michigan Non-Profit organization and the Community Foundation of Greater Rochester manages its funds. Your donation may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by state and federal tax regulations.

For details on paver options, and to download the order form, visit the VTOT Website. General donations and tribute sponsorships are also available. Remember, mail in orders no later than March 15 to make sure they are installed this summer.

Artist Rendering of the Veterans Tribute of Oakland Township showing the six glass panels in a sem-circle and the pavers around the flag pole with the US flag waving in the wind

Artist Rendering of the Veterans Tribute of Oakland Township

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