Get Creative with Leftover Holiday Candy

Leftover VDay CandyI try really hard to limit the amount of junk my kids eat. Not only does this help them but it helps me, too. We aren”t perfect by any means but I do try to do a few things to keep us on the healthier side. First, I try not to even buy the junk food. If it”s in the house then we”ll eat it. Second, if I do buy sweets, like ice cream, then I”ll buy the smallest size container so there”s enough for everyone to have one serving then it”s gone. Third, I plan ahead. This meant that last week, leading up to Valentine”s Day, was a super healthy eating week for us. I wanted to make sure that my kids could enjoy the Valentine”s Day party at school without me nagging or saying no to what they were eating. I was also very pleasantly surprised that very few candy or sweets were offered or handed out with valentines cards.

Here”s what you can do if you have leftover candy from any holiday:

1. Pitch It!

Don”t be afraid to throw away leftover Valentine”s Day candy. I really struggle with this one because I try really hard not to be wasteful but I hate arguing with my kids over whether or not they can have more candy. Plus, it”s just more expensive in the long run as the sugar deteriorates their immune systems and teeth and if the kids don”t eat it then I will. THROW. IT. OUT.

2. Freeze It

You can freeze leftover chocolate to use in place of chocolate chips for baking. Just chop it first and put it in a freezer bag. Make sure to squeeze out as much air as possible. It should last for at least a few months, if not longer, in the freezer.

3. Gross Motor

One of my favorite activities with kids is letting them smash stuff with hammers. Sounds crazy, right? We smash pumpkins, ice, Styrofoam, and anything else that”s ready for the garbage. It gives us one last activity to do with any given thing. The kids learn a little more about the object and then learn how to clean it up. Leftover Valentine”s Day candy is no different. This is definitely a backyard or basement activity. I always use small, but real hammers for this activity. Eye protection is definitely recommended!

4. Art Projects

After your kids have crushed up their candy then you can use them for art projects. Little ones love the process of art and aren”t too concerned about the product at the end. Provide your kids with sturdy paper, a paper grocery bag works perfect, some glue and the crushed candy. They can decorate the paper however they”d like to. You probably won”t want to keep this project but if you or your kids do, make sure to let the glue dry completely then spray it with a clear spray. I typically use several coats of hair spray.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine”s Day and enjoyed your treats. But there”s no reason those treats need to last a few more weeks. Get rid of them and focus on getting healthy as spring approaches!



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