Getting Things Done

I have been reading this book by David Allen called Getting Things Done and it has some remarkable insights about how we think. He comments that the big buzz word today is “Time Management” but really it should be “Mind Management” For example, how could we manage to make 5 minutes into 6 minutes? You cannot manage information overload and you cannot manage priorities- you simply have them. But what we can manage is our actions! This is the key to our success. The Franklin Planners and the Palm Pilots can be useful, but only if we figure out a system that will make us take action. We are to be careful not to simply have more lists, more items that need to be done at some point. Rather, we need to make a series of quick decisions and execute them so that our subconscious mind is not constantly thinking about these things throughout the day. Allen says, “There is no reason to ever have the same thought twice, unless you like having that thought.”  Think about it, do you enjoy fretting over a project, or over a conversation you need to have with someone, or over anything pending in your life?  This book has some solid principles and methods for accomplishing everything we need to in our lives.  Check it out!  I bought it on both audio and paperback, it’s solid material.  


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