Grampa’s Labyrinth: Journey To Devil’s Kitchen

Michigan Author Robert A. Lytle Transports His Characters and His Readers Back in Time to 1823 Mackinac Island

Charlotte doesn’t believe the story of how her older cousins were transported back in time three years earlier. On a dare, she tricks her cousin Charlie to return to Grampa’s labyrinth (the time portal) with three other cousins, Oscar, Henry, and Liam. The maze sends the five cousins from the year 2014 to the year 1823 – they arrive on Mackinac Island during America’s wild and turbulent fur-trading era. Author, Robert A. Lytle, releases another time-traveling novel in Grampa’s Labyrinth: Journey To Devil’s Kitchen. For younger readers, this story twists adventure and history with a popular vacation destination as the backdrop. How will the cousins survive? What will they learn? And how will they get back home?

On the island, Madame LaFramboise, a wealthy fur trader, learns of their time-travelling secret and provides them shelter. She also pairs each with suitable jobs alongside other Mackinac Island residents. Charlie, who wants to be a doctor, works side by side with William Beaumont at the fort infirmary. Charlotte wants to be rich and teams with Robert Stuart, John Jacob Astor’s Mackinac Island business manager. Gurdon Hubbard, an Astor woodsman, trains Oscar to be a fur company frontier-clerk. Henry, an aspiring musician, becomes Captain Whistler’s Fort Mackinac fifer. Madam LaFramboise assigns Liam to teach her wards, the island’s Indian children, their ABC’s. Wachusco, a mysterious Odawa medicine man, joins the local citizens who made Mackinac Island the cultural, financial and military focal point for the entire Great Lakes. The adventure is just beginning.

Grampa’s Labyrinth: Journey To Devil’s Kitchen is now available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, bookstores, and gift shops, including Lytle Pharmacy. This is the tenth Michigan-based adventure for author Robert A. Lytle since he began his 5-book Mackinac Passage series in the 1990s. A Pitch In Time, the baseball time-travel story, was acclaimed for its historical depiction of baseball and Michigan life during the Civil War. Grampa’s Labyrinth, Journey To Devil’s Kitchen is a sequel to Mr. Blair’s Labyrinth, an unexpected visit into the Great Depression taken by two older cousins.

Join the 21st century kids as they meet and interact with Mackinac Island’s 19th century citizens by reading Grampa’s Labyrinth: Journey To Devil’s Kitchen.

Bob sits in a chair with bookselves behind him
Bob Lytle in his home library

Robert A. Lytle has published 10 books of fiction for children in the last 25 years. He uses his childhood on the Great Lakes as inspiration for his tales. Lytle is a semi-retired pharmacist in Downtown Rochester and lives with his wife in Lake Orion, MI. He does school visits and readings, is a musician, and is a member of a vintage base ball club.

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