Hamlin Road Construction Update

As the new school year draws closer, the City of Rochester Hills has provided the following information to help keep residents and commuters informed on the progress and procedures of the Hamlin Road construction project.

The City of Rochester Hills continues reconstruction of Hamlin Road between Livernois and Rochester Roads and rehabilitation of Hamlin Road between Rochester Road and Dequindre Road.

Livernois to Rochester Road:
New water main has been installed and will be connected near Rochester Road this week. Construction of new storm sewer along Rochester Road will continue westerly on Hamlin Road. Pavement removal will be ongoing.

Rochester Road to Dequindre Road:
New curb and gutter has been constructed; shoulders and pedestrian pathway continue to be constructed. Pavement is being prepped for resurfacing.

Hamlin Road remains closed to through traffic between Livernois and Rochester Roads and detoured via Livernois, Avon, and Rochester roads. Only local traffic has access EASTBOUND on Hamlin Road during this time to access homes, Hamlin Elementary, and the churches. Police enforcement is helping to redirect errant traffic away from the work zone.

Adjacent side streets (Avonstoke, Cumberland, Juengel, Crestline) are closed at Hamlin Road and do not have direct access to Hamlin Road.

For every dollar the City invests on the Hamlin Road Construction project the Federal Government matches it 53 percent? The City has leveraged its local cost participation to bring over $2.2 million of Federal investment to Hamlin Road and the City of Rochester Hills!

As always, THANK YOU for your patience through this short-term pain that will yield a long-term gain!

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