Happy Quad-iversary to Rochester Media and The Community Edge

Happy “Quad-iversary” to Rochester Media and The Community Edge.  We are amazed that four years have already passed since the first issue of The Community Edge made its debut! After 208 issues have been created, distributed, and read, we are thrilled that the community is still warmly welcoming us. We want to take a moment to update you on the past year’s progress. Our weekly email, titled The Community Edge, currently reaches over 1,900 subscribers. We have had 168,000 unique visitors to our site in the last 48 months, and we have seen over 6,000 visitors on our website in a month.


This year, we chose a new mobile friendly look for The Community Edge email that comes to subscribers every Thursday. We have had a good response to our new logo for both Rochester Media and The Community Edge, and we have an “all-new” website that is mobile-friendly and Google-friendly. The Oakland Press and a major search engine provider still contract with us for news in and around the Rochester area. Our staff of writers continues to be strong. All our writers have their own following. Sarah Hovis, of saliho creative, is our Senior Editor. Jen Bucciarelli is our resident Health specialist as well as our “Crime Stories” contributor. Meghan Zeile is our mom-in-the-know with wonderful and popular stories about kids and life in the Rochester area. Michael Dwyer continues to tease us with beautiful travel opportunities and local interest pieces in the area. Heidi Morris is another mom-in-the-know that rocks the popularity charts whenever she contributes her thoughts. With much gratitude, we have added several new sponsors as well. On the book publishing side of Rochester Media, we are finalizing our 34th book to date. Two of these books are from our own team of writers! Dear Crabby has put together his first book called, Dear Crabby, How it all began, while Ann and Tom Gendich have created a simple piece titled, How To Write A Book, a helpful guide where many commonly asked questions are addressed in a format that is organized and easy to follow for any level writer. Both books will be available soon at rochestermedia.com and Amazon.com.

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Founders of Rochester Media. Looking to provide great local news to all people in and around Rochester and Rochester Hills. Send them a note at info@rochestermedia.com.

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