Healthy Tips for the Holidays, Part Two

Tips from Local Experts – Part Two (Read Part One First)

Mind, Body, Nature

Heading outdoors can make a tremendous difference in the ability to cope with stress. Holly Wolfe, Yoga Instructor with Lifetime Fitness in Rochester Hills, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Reiki 3 Level Practitioner explains, “While it is tempting to hibernate on the couch inside during the winter months and have Netflix marathons, there are so many other activities to do with your family. Beat the holiday stress and blues by bundling up and get moving outside. Make exercise fun by going skating, sledding, cross-country or downhill skiing, or hiking at Paint Creek Trail or at one of the nearby metro Detroit parks. Don’t feel like leaving your home? Play outside with your kids in the back yard and have a game of tag or build a snowman. Anything counts as exercise, as long as you get off the couch and get your heart pumping.”

Holly Wolfe in a yoga pose

Holly Wolfe with the Life Time Fitness Yoga Program

In addition to outdoor workouts, “Take your exercise indoors … If you’re tired and craving more energy or you’re overstimulated with a racing mind … Deep breathing, meditation, and yoga are the best gifts you can give to yourself this holiday season to nourish your body and mind. Yoga helps build strength, increase flexibility, and calms the mind. Other benefits of yoga include reducing blood pressure, alleviating headaches and tension, curing insomnia, reducing back pain, and increasing your immunity,” says Wolfe.

Movement at Home

Coach Meghan Ritchie from Starting Line Health and Fitness (SLHF) suggests that people “can take advantage of the Starting Line YouTube page to set up a morning routine that will prepare them for the busy holiday season.” This offers the convenience of doing workouts at home. “Our SLHF YouTube page is filled with activation drills, yoga flows, and other simple stretches that can easily be worked in to a morning routine.”

Several people working out in a cross fit gym

Starting Line Health and Fitness offers a Variety of Healthy Activities for Members including Crossfit

Hydration and Happy Muscles

Kimberly Mikulski, Owner of Rochester Irish Connection and Director of Motor City Irish Dance, says one of the most important things we tend to forget about is hydration. She explains, “Hydration and rest are key to staying healthy during the busy holiday season. All too often you can get caught up in busy schedules, long lines at check-out, and sitting in your car as you wait out the traffic and driving conditions.”

Several people doing yoga-like poses

Group Exercise with The Irish Connection

If someone is feeling thirsty, they are already dehydrated and their body is asking to drink water. Mikulski explains, “It can be difficult to remember to stay hydrated, one trick that works exceptionally well in enabling you to access vital hydration is to carry a drink with you in a reusable cup that has a straw. You are more likely to take regular sips of your beverage if it is easily accessible … Try adding a splash of fresh lemon juice for a powerful punch of vitamin c.”

Muscles often are tensed up from stress and become stiff from too much sitting. “Muscle recovery is key to warding off all those fatigue based aches and pains,” says Mikulski. “Try using a foam roller to massage out any tension from your muscles. It will increase your blood circulation, aiding in muscle recovery, better sleep at night, and help you to flush out all those unhealthy toxins you may have absorbed during the day.”

Photo of mats, excercise balls and foam rollers

Foam rollers, exercise balls, and mats can help massage muscles during the workout

Of course, having fun and enjoying music is also good for your health. “Aside from being a part of a fun loving and energetic community, our Irish dance classes offer superb exercise for the mind and body,” says Mikulski. “The meticulous patterns present in Traditional Irish step dancing make it ideal for keeping your mind sharp. And the aerobic aspect of the dance form is excellent for keeping a happy healthy heart and strong muscles.” Many forms of dance, martial arts, and aerobic routines work the memory of the brain while exercising the body.

Holly Wolfe does a yoga pose

Holly Wolfe Yoga Instructor

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