‘Heir-raising’ parenting advice

Baby wearing crown

It’s a boy! The long-awaited arrival of the royal baby has made its way to headlines this week.

And whether you are an admirer of the royal family or not, undoubtedly you’ve heard that Prince William and Kate Middleton birthed a healthy baby boy Monday afternoon.

Since the two are brand new parents—and babies tend to show up, sans an instruction manual—we’ve gathered some child-rearing pointers from some of Rochester Media’s very own staffers.

From diapers to naps and bedtime stories: Here is some parenting guidance suited for anyone—even the royal family:

Savvy suggestions from mother of five (and expectant mom of six!) and Rochester Media owner Ann Gendich:

• First, enjoy the moments. Children grow up quickly. Don’t let busyness steal your time with them.

• Children often imitate what they see and hear. Be sure you’re setting the example you would want them to follow.

• Things aren’t always what they appear, so listen to their hearts before you judge their actions. Look deeper to see what is driving their behavior and try to address the root instead of just what you see on the surface. The effects will be longer lasting and much more satisfying to both of you.

• Always keep your word to them, and be quick to apologize when you’re in the wrong. This will earn not only their trust, but also their respect.

• Above all, let them know every day how much you love them!

Helpful hints from Rochester Media writer and mother of three Heidi Morris:

• Don’t react in the moment—parent with the end goal in mind. How do you want your child to be when they are 30? How you discipline (or lack there of) when they are two will only be built upon itself as they grow.

• Put your marriage first. Let your kids see your love for your spouse and they will in turn be more secure than if you prioritize their every whim above yours.

Expert or not, share your parenting tips that you’ve snagged along the way! And if you’ve got a few name ideas picked out, share them with us! We want to know what you think Prince William and wifey Kate Middleton ought to dub their son, in line for the throne.


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