Hills committee seeks input on ballot language

Time is running out for Rochester Hills residents to share their thoughts on draft ballot language that would provide funding for police services.

The Police and Road Funding Technical Review Committee is seeking feedback from residents until Monday, April 16. The committee is scheduled to review their recommendations with city council at its April 23 meeting.

“With the current police millage expiring soon and general fund revenues decreasing, doing nothing isn’t an option,” said committee chairman Don Cline. “Having adequate police services is crucial to maintaining the high quality of life we enjoy in Rochester Hills.”

The recommendations that will be presented to the council offer two alternative funding methods to maintain the current staffing level of 57 officers provided through a contract with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. A millage proposal would seek a combined 3.7 mills to replace two expiring millages totaling 1.2 mills, plus 2.5 mills which would replace money currently transferred from the general fund. A mill equals $1 per $1,000 taxable value.

“It’s important for the residents to understand that this would be an offset since council would no longer levy the 2.5 mills for the general fund,” said Cline. “This wouldn’t be an overall millage increase.”

Additionally, the millage proposal would have a question asking voters to approve 0.4 mill, which would be assessed to fund up to eight additional officers as needed.

“That added funding would be used to fund positions like a school liaison officer and community policing, which has been eliminated due to reduced funding,” said Cline.

If council members decide to place the questions on the ballot, a decision would also have to be made on the duration for the millage. The committee has recommended 10 years beginning in 2015.

The alternate recommendation is to amend the city charter to add 3.7 mills for funding of police services. If included in the charter, which already has funding for the fire department, the millage would not expire or require periodic renewals.

The draft documents are available for download at


Send responses to webberm+prtrc@rochesterhills.org or Facebook – Rochester Hills Police and Road Funding Technical Review Committee.

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