Hills police/road funding hearing Jan. 18

With two dedicated police millages expiring in 2013, Rochester Hills residents will soon have to decide how to fund future police services. For the past year, the city’s Police and Road Funding Technical Review Committee has been working on funding alternatives.

As part of that effort, the committee will host a public hearing on Wednesday, January 18 to gather additional public input. The hearing will be held at the Rochester Hills City Hall auditorium from 6:30- 8:30 p.m.

“It’s very important that people let us know what they think. Our police services are an integral part of maintaining a safe community and stable property values,” says Don Cline, who chairs the committee.

Residents are also encouraged to submit their input via e-mail at webberm+prtc@rochesterhills.com. The deadline for submitting comments and suggestions is February 1.

For more information about police funding, please visit www.rochesterhills.org, or go to the Rochester Hills Police and Road Funding Technical Review Committee page on Facebook. For a video on the topic, visit http://ww3.rochesterhills.org/policefundingmeeting4web.htm


  1. So, the city of Rochester Hills wants to know how we the taxpayers think they should fund Police and Roads in our city.
    Currently, there are three millages that fund just less than half of the police budget, the remaining amount comes from the general fund.
    The city is stating that our police services are at risk due to declining tax revenues.
    In fact, they have reduced our police force by 3 deputies in the past year and were going to drop a detective position in 2012, but changed their mind after I asked them not to at a public meeting.
    To me it is all a matter of priorities and responsibility.
    As I predicted this past year, they are going to be asking for an increase in taxes to fund the police services.
    I personally feel, that before they ask us, the taxpayer, for any more of our hard earned money, they ought to bring city employee pay and benefits in line with the private sector.
    WHY should we be providing 14% PENSION contribution and automatic 6.5% PAY INCREASES to city employees?
    Of course they want an increased dedicated police millage – then they have more money to spend on their pay and benefits.
    It is time to let our city know how you feel about this.
    You can share your thoughts with the city at the following email

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