Hills seeks input on police funding

How should Rochester Hills fund police services? The Police and Road Funding Committee is seeking resident input on this very important subject.

Working with city council and administration members, the committee has identified several alternatives to resolve the immediate and long-term funding concerns. They are:

Renew the two expiring dedicated police millages (a combined 1.2 mills) with a single new 20-year dedicated tax;

A 20-year dedicated police millage which would fully fund police services;

Change the city charter to include a perpetual dedicated police millage to fully fund police services; and

A dedicated tax to fund “quality of life” services such as parks, local roads, green space, or road construction.

The Police and Road Funding Technical Review Committee seeks your input on the proposals. Send comments to webberm+prtrc@rochesterhills.org. The committee’s meetings are also posted on the city’s website and are open to the public. For more information on this topic, visit www.rochesterhills.org/our_government/uploads/FundingPoliceServices.pdf.


  1. Why not decrease spending paying for services out of the general fund as the Charter states it should be!

    Stop giving cars that are driven home and pay raises to employees. Put the savings for police on the street. When Barnett claims a over 60% more in the fund balance than needed put some to the roads. Out source the assessment department and put the money to the roads. Rochester Hills has one of the worst reputation in working with residents in all of Oakland!

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