Hollywood Market Gives back!

Your neighborhood Hollywood Market is pleased to be completing three years at the corner of Tienken and Rochester Road in Rochester Hills.  Three years since Hollywood Market and the Welch family finally were able to open a Hollywood in a community they had strived to join for over two decades.

Hollywood Market LogoAs a member of Rochester Hills,  we have been able to participate in and support many different events, schools, and churches, and look forward to growing our local involvement in the future.

Coming in September, Hollywood Market will be presenting, for the third year, the Apples For Students Program.  This is where students, parents, administrators, businesses, community groups and other school supporters collect register receipts that are issued from Hollywood Markets during the 25 week program period. After being collected and counted, your register receipts are deposited into an “account” with Hollywood. The receipts will accumulate in this account until you have enough receipts to redeem for your choice of educational awards offered in the Award Catalog.

Supporting the local schools is a passion of Hollywood Markets. And this program makes it easy.  Everyone in the community can take part.  It’s not limited to your school’s students, administration and faculty.  We know of no better way to serve the Rochester area than by enhancing the educational and developmental environment of our children.

Please join Hollywood Markets in supporting your local schools…simply by returning your sales receipts to the schools you choose between September and April.

Details are available in the store, or at www.aftsHollywoodMarkets.com

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