How Do I Get a Girl to Talk to Me?

Dear Crabby,

I have been trying to get this girl in my class to talk to me for two weeks and she won’t. What can I do to get her to talk to me or to like me?

Sincerely, Struggling Romeo

Dear Struggling Romeo,

I see you have heard about the legendary past of young Crabby and my smooth talking days. Yes, I was quite the Pat Sejak in my younger years. I will tell you though son, once you get these women to start talking, there is no “off” button. Mrs. Crabby still thinks that I accidentally forget to turn on the hearing aids sometimes – if you know what I mean. One time she talked for 45 minutes straight about the colors of the plastic flowers in our garden. I actually fell asleep, which would have been fine if I wasn’t the one driving that day.  Anyway, enough about that. I’m sure I’ll be answering those questions from you in another 20 years. As to how to get this gal to notice you and like you…well, let’s see. Have you tried asking her about herself a little?  Girls love it when you ask them about their writing or their artwork. The other thing is to be there when they need you. The first time I caught Mrs. Crabby’s attention was when she sneezed on the bus and I ran three rows up with my handy “hanky” extended out to her. I knew it was love at first sight when she took it even though I had just used it too. That’s one disadvantage you youngsters have – no one carries a “hanky” anymore! Well, preparedness and logic aside, I suggest you find ways to let her be herself, and just be a good listener. After all, that is going to be your most time consuming occupation for the next 50 years or so – and it’s worth it.

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