How Strong is Your Core?

Most of you know I’ve spent the last few months doing the P90X workout.  Well I’m proud to say that last Thursday, May 6th, I finished it!  Many of you have asked me to post pictures and I’m still considering it.  In the meantime, here are 2 facts that I’ve been telling people when they ask me, “does it work?”

First, I lost 2o pounds over the course of the program.  I’m now within 5 pounds of my weight when I graduated from high school.  Second, at the beginning of the program, I could maybe do 2 pull ups.  By the end of this, I was able to do 111 pull ups over the course of an hour and 8 sets.  Yes, the program works!

As I look back on this accomplishment, I was thinking about what I learned from all of this.  Dedication and perseverance were certainly prevalent, but what has jumped out at me is the focus this program had on your “core”…abs, thighs, chest, back, etc.  It’s this core that is the basis for physical activity.  For example, if you hurt your back (like I did part way through), you are unable to do anything.  I was out for a week before I could pick back up and continue with the program.  Now that I’m done, my core is the strongest it’s ever been and anything I do in the future will maintain and strengthen it (get ready…next generation P90x is due out this fall!).

Our “core” is more than something related to our bodies.  It is your beliefs and what drives you.  For me, it’s my faith in God that is central to everything that I do.  Particularly over the last 18 months, I’ve spent my time growing my faith.  I’ve also tried to weave this into every aspect of my life…family, friendships, work, etc.  If my “core” is strong, I’m able to persevere through every peak and valley life throws in front of me (see GM bankruptcy last year).  I’m also able to see and pursue new opportunities to grow my faith.

This may seem so simple but I’m surprised at how many people or businesses forget about their “core” and immediately focus on execution and tactics.  For me, P90x was a fantastic reminder to remain centered on my faith (my core) and look for ways to grow it and strengthen it.

So I ask you…how strong is your core?

Patrick Reyes

Rochester Hills Resident

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