Human Powered Winter Activities in the UP

While most places in Michigan have snow on the ground, there is just something about going north to the Upper Peninsula for a true winter escape. Crossing the Mackinac Bridge is always an adventure and when the Great Lakes freeze over, it provides tremendous wintery views.

Marquette County is a wonderful option to try many of the human-powered activities that flourish during the colder months of the year. Snow biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing are all a soft adventure way to surround nature lovers with a snowy landscape of beauty.

Michael Dwyer Fat Tire Bikes the Marquette Snow Bike Route

Michael Dwyer Fat Tire Bikes the Marquette Snow Bike Route

Snow Biking

What do you get when you add four-inch-wide tires to a mountain bike? Perhaps a brilliant way to explore snow-covered streets and trails, that’s what. Sometimes called Fat Tire Biking, this winter biking trend is gathering speed and Marquette County is one of best places to give it try.

Singletracks Mountain Bike News voted the 15-mile Marquette Snow Bike Route as one of top ten in the country. It’s a snowmobile-groomed trail just for snow bikes. Additionally, 40-miles of non-groomed trails interconnect to keep both novice and advanced challenged for hours.

Snowshoeing and Cross-country skiing

Buy or rent and go. Snowshoeing is a breeze and makes winter hiking much easier. Many trails to choose from, but a popular snowshoe excursion is the frozen water curtain of ice at the Eben Ice Caves. It’s near Eben Junction in the Rock River Wilderness area of the Hiawatha National Forest.

Writer Michael Dwyer enjoys Snowshoeing in Marquette County

Writer Michael Dwyer enjoys Snowshoeing in Marquette County

A bigger selection of paths can be experienced with the Noquemanon Trail Network. Open year round to non-motorized land and water use, it’s a superb pick for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and even snow biking.

Winter lasts longer in the UP, but don’t wait too long, February and March are good months to visit and chill out. All the cool human-powered activities are waiting for the all season outdoor enthusiast to travel north. Rochester Media suggests making Downtown Marquette a home base to experience the winter. With shops, breweries, restaurants and more, the city provides all the extras for a easy-going getaway.

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