ICE Gives CLEMIS National Award

Oakland County, Michigan’s Courts and Law Enforcement Management Information System (CLEMIS) has drawn national recognition from a federal law enforcement agency. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gave CLEMIS its prestigious Exemplary Law Enforcement Partnership Award last week in Washington, D.C.

“Thank you to ICE for bringing national attention to the outstanding work of our CLEMIS staff led by Jamie Hess,” Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said. “CLEMIS’ innovations in computer technology enhance criminal justice and public safety for our local, state and federal partners and the communities they serve.”

According to the press release, CLEMIS connects more than 120 public safety agencies in six counties in southeast Michigan. Sharing data among these agencies enables law enforcement to be more effective at solving and preventing crime. The Exemplary Law Enforcement Partnership Award “recognizes the federal, state, or local member, task force, group, or organization of the law enforcement community whose efforts… have enhanced public safety or have otherwise significantly contributed to the ERO (Enforcement & Removal Operations) mission or its values.”

ICE said that in Fiscal Year 2014, its Non-Custodial Arrest Teams in Detroit made an impressive 835 priority criminal alien field arrests, 96 percent of which were a result of, or significantly benefitted from, use of the CLEMIS system.

“Only a handful of our law enforcement relationships ever have the significant and positive impact on the daily operations of ICE that our relationship with CLEMIS has shown,” said Steve Hoenig of the ICE field office in Detroit.

“CLEMIS is a great law enforcement resource, but it is the committed individuals behind CLEMIS that have allowed our officers to reach higher levels of success and greater levels of officer safety.”

CLEMIS Chairperson and City of Novi Public Safety Director David Molloy said CLEMIS’ mission is to empower criminal justice and public safety agencies to maximize the use of collected data so they may enhance their daily operations and perform comprehensive planning.

“Helping an organization like ICE which serves on the front lines of our nation’s homeland security every day demonstrates just how vital a link CLEMIS is to law enforcement,” Molloy said. “We are grateful that ICE acknowledged how effective CLEMIS and its staff are.”


CLEMIS, a division of Oakland County, Michigan’s Department of Information Technology, is a multi- faceted, regional law enforcement management information system. The key principle of CLEMIS is the sharing of data between law enforcement agencies in a county-operated and maintained regional database. Data is extracted from CLEMIS by law enforcement agencies for required federal and State crime reporting, analyzing criminal activity, resource allocation, incident reporting, and more. CLEMIS serves local, state and federal agencies in Genesee, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties. CLEMIS provides the following services: Enhanced 911, Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobile Data Computers, access to Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN), Consolidated Law Enforcement Advanced Records (CLEAR) Records Management System, Electronic Citations, Crash Reports, Evidence & Property Management System, Auto-Impound Management System, Biometric Facial Images (Mugshot), Biometric Fingerprints (Livescan), Video Conferencing (OakVideo for court arraignments and more), Crime Mapping, Online Citizens Police Report System, Inmate Management & Cost Recovery (Jail) System, Radio (Voice) Communication System (OakWIN), and Fire Records Management System (FRMS). For more information, go to

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