Icy Road Updates

The sunshine and warmer temperature today have really helped, and motorists should find most roads in much better shape for the evening rush hour today. The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) has had all available staff and equipment on the road all day today, and will keep them out until after the sun goes down.

At this point we remain somewhat concerned about the potential for the roads to re-freeze when the temperatures drop again tonight, but we are hoping that the sun will dry most of the roads by sunset, eliminating the likelihood of re-freeze. Assuming this happens, morning rush-hour tomorrow should be pretty decent. If we have re-freeze, we could again be facing some icing issues in the morning, as it’s projected to again be well into the single digit temperatures tonight, meaning the salt will not do much of anything.

We greatly appreciate the patience of all motorists in the county and, though the roads are getting much better, urge drivers to continue to use reasonable caution.

Road Commission for Oakland County

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