Indiana man arrested for disorderly intoxication and prowling in Rochester and more

Here is a quick look at some of the most recent crime files from the Rochester Police Department.

22-year-old Rochester Hills resident caught drunk driving on Parkdale Road

On Sunday, July 14, Rochester Police stopped a car for driving in the center of the street on Parkdale Road. The officer first saw the car near Roundview Drive when it began weaving outside its lane, according to reports. After continuing to follow the car, the officer saw the driver begin driving down the centerline of the road. The officer stopped the car, later learning the 22-year-old driver and 24-year-old passenger, both from Rochester Hills, had been drinking. The driver failed a field sobriety test, was arrested and taken to the station for further testing. A breath test later responded with 0.20 percent blood alcohol content. The driver requested an independent blood test and was taken to Crittenton Hospital Medical Center for the test and was held until sober. This is the second operating while intoxicated citation for the driver.

Indiana man arrested for disorderly intoxication and prowling in Rochester

Also on Sunday, July 14, a 25-year-old man from Indiana was arrested near Sycamore Drive for trying to enter a home without permission. With a description provided by dispatch, Rochester Police officers found the man sitting in his truck near the home who made the call earlier. Once officers had the man turn off his truck and get out, they learned he was intoxicated and was trying to find his friend’s home, according to reports. The man’s phone was dead and he was trying to charge it in his truck and he did not have an address for his friend’s house. Officers were not able to find a record for his friend in their computer system. Officers contacted the homeowners to verify the story. According to the homeowner, the man had attempted to enter their home when the owner’s dog started barking. The resident and his girlfriend heard the man trying to get in and he managed to open their storm door. Officers arrested the man for disorderly intoxication and prowling. He was held until sober.

Missing master key

On Saturday, July 13, a Rochester Hills resident reported a master key to his Walnut Blvd residence was stolen from his lock box. The owner mentioned the key has been missing for close to a month and the last person with permission to use the key was an employee of Rochester DPW. The DPW man had been told to return the key when he was done using it. There is no damage to the owner’s lock box but he suspects it was stolen. The resident wanted to make a police report noting the key is missing in case something happens at his residence. There is no further information at this time.


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