Introducing Rochester’s City Beautiful Commission

The Rochester City Beautiful Commission is a group of enthusiastic, creative, earth-loving volunteers working to preserve the beauty of their city and give back to the place they all call home.

The CBC was established in 2009 to develop plans for the beautification of Rochester and promote public interest in the general appearance of the city. Projects include the establishment of a new community garden and improvements to Howlett Park and Elizabeth Park.

The committee is chaired by Lynn Oates, a 40-year Rochester resident who truly loves being a part of the community and is very excited to be involved with the CBC. The Vice-Chairperson is Tammy Byers, a lifelong and passionate resident. Secretary is Ann Peterson, a long-time resident with a passion to help preserve and protect properties and neighborhoods.

The CBC also includes Eric Bothwell, who has resided in Rochester for 57 years and also serves on the Greater Rochester Heritage Days Festival committee; David Lowell, a 24-year resident interested in the preservation
of historic buildings and properties; Sue Neal, Executive Director of Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve; Ethel Stepnitz, a 34-year resident who is an active member of the Woman’s National Farm & Garden Association, Rochester Branch; and Kristi DeVaux, an 11-year resident.

This dedicated group of volunteers is working together to keep their hometown as beautiful as it was the first time they saw it and preserve it for those who will come after them.

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