Ipad 2 Review

Apple planned the launch of the iPad 2 perfectly on my wife’s birthday. Being the generous, wonderful, loving husband that I am, I took her to the local Apple Store in Troy, Michigan at The Somerset Mall. It turned out that I was only one of about 500 people that had the same idea! We saw people with camping chairs and heard stories of people forming a line as soon as the mall opened. I spoke with an Apple employee who told me they had no idea how many units they even had in stock. They were going to start opening boxes at 5pm and see when they ran out. About 45 minutes later, we overheard another employee explaining to the crowd in front of us that there was little chance that they would be getting an iPad 2 that day. When I called Apple direct, they informed me that I could order the iPad 2 now and they would be shipping it in about three weeks.
Now for the juicy details I learned. The new iPad 2 is slightly thinner, slightly faster, and slightly better than all of the competition. The new version is 80 grams lighter than its predecessor, which is also about 120 grams lighter than the Motorola Xoom! It is also a tad thinner, making it even thinner than the iPhone 4. It now has two cameras built in for HD photography as well as FaceTime capabilities with iPods and iPhone users. Probably one of the best improvements is the new smart cover. Offered in several “Apple Trendy” colors, the new magnetic, snap cover also doubles as a stand for the unit and can be used in either direction – upright or landscape! Talk about a company that is paying attention! There is no other company on the planet that has people lined up and camping out the night before to buy their product. I look forward to using the iPad 2 for email, web-surfing, and all-around playing with the more than 60,000 apps available. Check in at theApplewebsite to find out how to get yours today!

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