Is your child going to play NCAA sports?

Many student athletes have the dream of playing college sports, and many parents have the dream of them receiving scholarship funding. However, if neither the student nor the parent is aware of the registration process these dreams will be dashed.  I was informed this week that if any high school senior desires to get a scholarship for sports in the NCAA then they must register before September 1 of their Freshman year in College with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Please click this link to learn more today.

I spoke with several parents of high school Senior Athletes about this to see how many of them were aware of this process.  One out of 6 families that I spoke with was aware of it. The family that was aware of it already had an older child who had gone through the process and their current Senior athlete has been scouted by the University of Michigan. This family said they were also informed by their High School Guidance Counsellor to fill out the appropriate forms ahead of time. Our desire is to simply spread the news to other parents as well, even if your child is not the top athlete, there may be some scholarship money available if you sign up here. IF you do not sign up then your child will be ineligible for the first year of College. Here is an excerpt from, “The National Collegiate Athletic Association {NCAA} is the governing body of just about all College Sport. Your first step towards an Athletic Scholarship is registering with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Student-Athletes who want to compete at Collegiate level must lodge a form with the NCAA clearinghouse. This form can be obtained from your school’s counseling office. You must register and you must qualify, if you don’t you will not be eligible to play or practice during your college freshman year. International students can Email me for free advice on how to register. Registration with the NCAA clearinghouse is a one-time fee of $50 US. For international students the fee is $75. US.  Athletes basically have 5 “College years” to complete 4 years of athletic eligibility Students who fail to meet minimum academic requirements or don’t register with the NCAA clearinghouse will almost certainly lose one of those years of eligibility.” (2010,

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