It’s that spooky time of year again!

Most of us enjoy being scared as a form of entertainment.  Whether it is a haunted house, roller coaster or horror movie – the thrill of getting our hearts pumping and having chills run up and down our spines – is just good fun.  Weather at home or on vacation, you should seek out the strange, the bizarre, and the unusual tours and attractions nearby.

The Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle has held its reputation as one of the most dangerous areas at sea for years and years.  Ships have disappeared and airplanes have vanished.  Strange lights and effects have been witnessed from pilots, ostensibly without explanation.  Navigational equipment has reportedly gone wild, given unreal readings, and then returns to normal.
Roughly defined by invisible lines, this vast volume of ocean stretches from the southeast tip of Florida to the island of Bermuda, to Puerto Rico, and back to Florida.  Aliens and doorways into other dimensions have been scary, mysterious ways some have explained the Triangle.  While others simply suggest it is due to the heavy traffic of both air and sea vessels in an area known to have sudden storms.  Today, with modern equipment, far fewer disappearances take place.

Paranormal Cruises

Joshua P. Warren is an expert on researching paranormal activity and has lead groups of investigators on paranormal cruises into the Bermuda Triangle.  Several unexplained things have taken place along the way.  In conjunction with L.E.M.U.R. (League of Energy Materialization and Unexplained phenomena Research), a paranormal research team, Warren and passengers have witnessed many odd events.

“Weird things happened,” explained Warren.  During one cruise, guests observed compasses going crazy, white lights in the air that seemed to follow the ship, and some guests even reported loss of time.  Repeating what one passenger and her husband said, “We lost several hours, and I can’t explain it,” she reported to Warren.  “Nobody else claimed to have that time loss at the same time they did,” Warren added, curiously “other people told me the same thing…missing time…it was very disturbing to them.”

“By the time the cruise is over, you have people that have seen full body apparitions,” Warren continued and told how these incidents are still be researched.  However, many of them match similar, if not exact, reports from other visitors to the Triangle.  Even Christopher Columbus logged like events from his journeys to the region.

While some scientists suggest the possible causes of many of these disturbances are due to a heavy concentration of methane gas rising from the ocean floor, others attribute it to the iron remains of a meteorite that went down here many years ago.  Any way you look at it, strange things happen and no one can explain them all.

Get Scared in Rochester

The Tunnel of Terror by the Rochester Area Jaycees takes place in the Rochester Municipal Park every Friday and Saturday in October. Open 7:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. with a $10.00 admission fee. Follow the screams to the parking lot off Pine Street, north of University Drive, and across from the police station. Discount coupons and details available at their web site:

More Fright in Rochester Hills

Dementia at Hampton at the Hampton Golf Course is not recommend for those under 13 and runs from dusk until midnight every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October. Admission is $16.00. For those under 13 years of age, come on Fridays between 5:00 p.m. and dusk for a less scary experience for only $6.00 (parents are free and must accompany children age 12 and younger). Discount coupons and details available at their web site:

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