Lansing Wants Oakland University President to Explain Tuition Hike

Months before students returned to Oakland University for the fall semester, it was announced that tuition for the 2015-2016 school year would increase… a lot. In fact OU’s tuition increase of 8.48 percent was the biggest hike in Michigan. Now, officials in Lansing would like OU president George Hynd to explain why such a large increase was justified.

At the time the increase was announced, Hynd said it was because OU’s tuition was “below market value.”

Eastern Michigan University was another school that significantly raised their tuition (7.8 percent) and their interim president has also been called to Lansing to answer for their increase.

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  1. The OU President said: “below market value”… WOW, that’s tantamount to saying “we raised it because we CAN”.
    This ‘system’ of thinking is flawed on SO many levels. The purpose of tax payer subsidized local universities should be to educate the local populace – NOT to ‘turn a profit’! Please believe me, I have no problem with businesses making a profit from their ventures, but public entities such as universities should not! Raising tuition prices only means that students will have to take out more loans to pay for college making them further and literally indebted to the government.
    I wonder what this guy’s pay is? And, I would bet that he thinks he is underpaid, too!

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