Letter to the Editor about Adam Kochenderfer

To the Editor of the Rochester Media:

I have known Adam Kochenderfer for over 13 years.  If elected to City Council, I have no doubt that he would be a dedicated and committed leader to address the needs of our community and represent the City of Rochester Hills with integrity.  Adam is smart, responsible, reliable, articulate, and approachable.  Adam has been actively involved in our community for many years, most notably through the Rochester Rotary Club, the Board of Directors of Oakland University’s Alumni Association, and the Rochester Area Jaycees, as well as other local organizations.  Rochester Hills will benefit from his passion for our community and his genuine desire to “make a positive difference” for the citizens he will represent.  

I support Adam Kochenderfer for Rochester Hills City Council, District 2, and encourage others to do the same.  He is clearly the best choice for District 2. 

Jean Ann Miller, M.S.W.
Director, The Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development
Oakland University
Resident of Rochester Hills
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  1. The flyer hitting homes this week says it all. It features Mayor Barnett, Kochenderfer, Webber and Tisdel under the headline “The Right Team” . I believe they teach basic government classes at Oakland University. You dont see anythng wrong with the Mayor doing everything he can to get his supporters on the City Council that is supposed to be watching him? Didnt we learn anything from CEO’s and friendly Boards.

    Kochenderfer, who obtained residency in Rochester Hills just weeks before the filing deadline for this race, is just the latest installment in Barnetts “Good Old Boys” club. His guys vote together 97% of the time and basicaly do whatever they please. They even threw out the City Charter rules Monday and appointed the son of the late Councilmen Brennan to serve out his remaining term. Nice gesture, but arrogant act.

    The City has serious financiial challenges ahead and we need a real debate on what needs to be done, not a “rubber stamp” Council protecting the mayors pay increases, etc…

  2. Lets see…the Mayor is endorsing Kochenderfer, Webber and Tisdel (all male) aganst Fitzgerald, Hilbert and Puscas (all female)…I am sure that is a coincidence.

    “The Right Team” is just another name for the “The Boys Team”. In case you haven’t noticed, Rochester Hills has NO women on City Council. All thats missing from our council meetings is the cigar room. We are the largest city in Oaklamd County without a women on council. Think about it….

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