Letter to the editor about Jeremy Nielson

Dear Rochester Voters,
Election Day is 8 November, only days away. While most attention goes to major races, the School Board probably has the most impact on your children’s future and your taxes. Of the three open seats on the Rochester School Board, I urge you to vote for JEREMY NIELSON. I attended the League of Women Voters debate and Jeremy obviously has the most comprehensive understanding of educating our children well with reduced budgets. Indeed, Jeremy’s son is just starting in the Rochester Community Schools, so unlike other candidates, he has a personal interest in assuring the best education system possible.
Did you know our current School Board is spending more money than ever before? Yet, they’re cutting programs and laying off teachers. After spending over $1.2 BILLION since 2004, only 38% of our children will be college-ready when they graduate this year according to the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks. This is unacceptable! The current Board is one of the few in the area to give staff raises while dipping heavily into the Reserve Fund to the point it’s nearly exhausted. This is unacceptable!
Also, did you know the Rochester School Board raised our school related property taxes 30% last year? In these difficult times we absolutely need the fiscal prudence that JEREMY NIELSON will bring to the School Board with your support.
As a graduate of Rochester High School back when it was the only high school in Rochester, I urge you to vote for JEREMY NIELSON so we can regain the excellence in education that I received so many years ago.

Terry R. Gonser
Oakland Township

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